Business Services

With just one phone call, you can talk with one of our knowledgeable consultants on what systems will best meet the needs of your company. We look to solve your IT hardware and software problems by providing you solutions that not only work today but will grow with your business. We offer Name brand computers and servers such as Dell or Hewlett Packard/Compaq along with our built to order systems. Please let us bid your next project. All estimates and quotes are free.

Your time is important. Our goal is to provide you with fast solutions. We believe that our customers are best suited to decide how important a service issue is to them. We will respond to your service needs as you decide. We offer many service plan packages to insure you have quality and efficient service. Our certified and experienced technicians will work with your staff and your schedule to solve your IT needs. Talk to one of our Sales Representatives to see what service plan best meets your company’s budget and security requirments.¬†We can provide local talent to complete your repair, project, or upgrade. Many companies have offices that are far from their IT personal. Time and expense for you to send people out to these sites may be prohibative. Most people do not have the technical knowledge to work with IT and an on site technician may be required to solve the issue. We can work with you to resolve many issues and lower your cost in the process.

We can collect and dispose of old equipment and give you certification of proper disposal along with verification of full data elimination. We use goverment standards when we wipe your hard drive to insure that your data is errased. Our disposal methods fully meet with OSHA, state and local standards. Would you like to gift your equipment to a nonprofit organization? We will errase your old data, test all the equipment for quality and set up the software and hardware to your specifications.

Are you looking to update your office or factory? Our consultants can work with you to set up your next project. From one computer upgrade to a complex systems reconfiguration, we will provide the resouces from start to finish. Is your project already organized and administrated? Let us handle the work locally so you can save money on your project or upgrade.

We would like to help you with your data management. From software and databases to backup and security, we know how much you have invested in your data. Our software engeneers can design a program or database that will meet your needs. No need to buy expensive programs that do not cover your business’s unique requirments. If you have ever lost your data due to a power outage, crash or security breach, then you understand the need for proper data backup and security. We can provide the software and hardware that will protect you and your assests from uneccessary loss. The cost of protection is never as expensive and painful as the cost of lost data.