Home Services

Computer Sales-We will answer your questions regarding new computers and explore options on what system will best meet the needs of you and your family. We can help you design your new system, order it for you, and set it up in your home. Your new computer system will have everything that you need to begin. We will eliminate the hassle of making endless trips to your local computer store for cables, other parts, and software. We can put a stop to spending hours on the phone trying to get everything set up. Our technicians are certified, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. Our sales people will only sell you what you need and want. We will have information on our competitors products, services,and prices, in order to make the best recommendation to you. We can build your computer to your specifications or work with computer companies such as DELL and Hewlett Packard/Compaq for a computer system that will work for you in the present and for years to come.

Computer Magic does sell refurbished systems available at discounted prices. These refurbished systems have been thoroughly tested and come with a 90 day limited guarantee.

Instruction-We offer individual and group training and instruction on basic and advanced computer use. This includes programs by Microsoft, Symantec, Intuit, Adobe, and many others. Fees for this service are based on time and number of people in the group.

Networking-We can work with you to choose the right network for your home. Whether you have just a few computers or you want to network the entire family. We can install, setup, and configure your network for maximum efficiency and security.

Security-Over the last 12 to 18 months, security has become the most important issue to almost every customer we have helped. Spy-ware, Ad-ware, worms, trojan horses and other viruses have eaten away at the speed and performance of your system. These unwanted programs have also compromised the security of so many homes, that it has been estimated that over 85% of home computers have at least one intrusive program. We are experienced in researching these programs and eliminating them from your system. We also sell and install anti-virus and ad-ware removal programs along with the instruction on how to keep your system clean and working at peek performance.

Testing-Would you like to sell your personal computer to someone else? Our technician can test and verify your personal computer’s quality. A certificate of testing will help sell your computer by providing proof of its quality and verify that all parts are in good working order at the time of testing. The testing and verification process also will erase all your personal data off the computer so your information will stay with you and not with the computer your selling.